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My name is Joanna.  

I am a qualified and experienced Sound Practitioner, who works with individuals and groups.  I have worked in formal and informal education for over 15 years and hold an MA in Applied Anthropology, Youth and Community. 

I facilitate Sound Meditations, one to one sound treatments, and create and deliver bespoke Wellbeing and Expressive Art workshops to children, adults and families, of all ages and abilities.  This includes those who are emotionally vulnerable such as those with anxiety, addiction or trauma. And those with additional learning needs such as Autistic Spectrum Disorders, and  Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities.  

Sound Meditation in class


Being of Sound Health’s Wellbeing programme is designed to benefit the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of pupils, staff and parents, and support the school’s Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare strategy. It is delivered in a number of ways, dependent on the needs and targets of the school and pupil - including one to ones, class groups, enrichment workshops and INSET days.

In addition, I support schools in measuring the impact of this and other interventions through quantative and qualitative research methods, and can help support you in delivering the Wellbeing Award for Schools.

Previous clients include Priory School, Slough; Dysart School, Surbiton; Ealing NHS Child Obesity Group, Hillingdon Council, Coombe Road Primary School, Brighton.


Families, Carers, Youth and Community Groups

Change comes from within, and families and community groups have the opportunity to be at the heart of that change.  As an experienced Youth and Community leader, I offer workshops and experiential talks designed to support this change.

Whether a 6 week programme for young adults, a parent support group or a Family workshop,  I model practical skills designed to be used independently as and when needed. They include mindfulness techniques and methods for calming, releasing anxiety, grounding, energising etc., together with experiential Sound Meditations and Expressive Arts techniques.

Energy Work


Monthly Sound Meditations

Held at Unity Studio, Brighton, I hold a monthly Sound Meditation.  The session is dedicated to healing our physical and energetic body through the use of therapeutic sound, profoundly effecting our health, relationships and the external world around us. 

We use breath awareness and mindfulness to bring ourselves into our body and the present before we journey with the Gong, Himalayan and crystal bowls, percussion and voice. 


Individual Sound Sessions

One to one sound treatments are an opportunity for you to get to know your own energy system, explore where you are out on an emotional, physical and spiritual level, and experience the calming and energising effects of sound.  During a session we discuss yours and your family history, before I read your energy and chakra system.  You then have a focussed treatment whereby I work with those chakras that presented, and any other areas in your energy field that come to light during the session.  I feel your energy system with my hands and can hear how the sound responds to your energy, and so direct the sound in response.  It truly is an individualised treatment, that supports your on your healing and life journey.


Space Clearing and Clutter Support

Whether moving in to a new home, or needing to find harmony in your current space, I support you in settling in, finding balance and starting afresh.  This includes reading the energy of the rooms, clearing energy through sound, smoke and sacred waters, and practical tips on getting comfortable in your home, and in yourself.  Our space is both a reflection of our internal world and a support to our wellbeing.  The energy flows both ways.  This knowledge has come from many years of self learning!  I would be overjoyed to help you with yours.

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Using the TEDx theme of Serendipity, I was given the opportunity to share how sound and vibration can support us in creating a harmonious inner and outer world.  Excitingly, it's had almost 450,000 views!

My Tedx Talk!
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